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Broadway Barks supporters, as you may know, Mary Tyler Moore has a pit bull named Spanky and Bernadette Peters has a pit bull named Stella, who is the inspiration for the children’s book Stella Is a Star.

Broadway Barks invites you to take a look at this beautiful book called 41 Pit Bulls. The creators of this book hope to challenge stereotypes about the pit bull, and they need some help to get it produced. The project will only be funded if 100% of the pledge goal is met on Kickstarter by April 6, 2013.

Each of the 41 dogs photographed for this book was labeled a “pit bull.” They were discriminated against. They were rescued from cruelty, neglect, isolation or a death sentence. Each one is now living happily and successfully in a loving home.

If you believe every dog deserves a chance at a loving and capable home, including the greatly misunderstood pit bull, please consider a donation to this Kickstarter campaign. Click here to to pledge your support.