It’s that magical time of year again, when friends and family exchange tokens of love and appreciation. Yes, the holiday gift-giving season is upon us! Broadway Barks wants to make finding the perfect gift easy with a list of amazing gifts that also help animals. And, yes, we checked the list twice! At Broadway Barks we never recommend giving a pet as a gift, but we are huge fans of shopping, especially for a good cause! We found great gift ideas for pet lovers and non-pet-lovers alike—from handpicked pet toys and treats delivered to your door, to decadent chocolate and fine wines. From culinary olive oils and vinegars, to fun games, luxurious candles, and more, there is sure to be something for everyone on your list, and maybe even a little something for yourself! And the best part is when you shop from this list this holiday season you will also be helping animals in need.

Maggie & Moose

asaMaggie & Moose is a NY-based company that launched in September 2014! Lauren got the idea for Maggie & Moose when she rescued and fostered a pit bull on death row from Animal Care & Control in Manhattan. This sweet pup was about to be euthanized simply because there was not enough room for her at the shelter. Sadly, there are thousands of dogs each day who are not quite as lucky. Shelters are overpopulated, which is why we at Broadway Barks advocate that you adopt and don’t shop for a pet. There are so many animals in need of a good home! Animal rescue became Lauren’s passion, so she teamed up with Maranda who had a background in fashion, and together they created a line of t-shirts for dogs, many of which are created from up-cycled human t-shirts! The shirts are truly unique, one of a kind, and handmade by Lauren and Maranda themselves. You can even send your favorite old t-shirt in, and Lauren and Maranda will re-fashion it into a doggie t-shirt for your furry friend. Maggie & Moose also makes fabulous fleece coats, rain coats, and collars made from up-cycled men’s ties! GENIUS! Also, your purchase saves lives! $1.00 of each shirt sold is donated to various dog rescue groups across the United States. This month all the donations are given to Broadway Barks, so shop away!


BarkBox is an innovative pet product subscription plan. When you sign up for BarkBox, four or more carefully selected products are packaged up and sent to you once a month. The BarkBox can contain treats, toys, new gadgets, and/or hygiene products. Dogs love when you open up their BarkBox so they can discover what new fun and tasty items are inside. Broadway Barks fans receive a 10% discount when you purchase items from BarkBox, and $15 will go to benefit Broadway Barks! Visit or enter code BDWYBRKS at checkout. (Note: This code does apply on gifts, only on regular purchases.) BarkBox supports other animal charities, too. In fact, BarkBox donates 10% of their profits to animals in need throughout the United States. They even donate BarkBoxes to shelter animals to give them a special treat while they wait to find a home. Signing up is super easy, and you can cancel the deliveries at any time. To get your BarkBox click here, and then follow these three simple steps: 


Under the Olive Tree’s Olives for Paws

Under the Olive Tree is a family-owned and operated purveyor of ultra-premium extra virgin olive oils and balsamic vinegars from all over the world. They have a wonderful selection of products, and they use only natural or certified organic fruits to maintain the highest standards for their extra virgin olive oils and premium balsamic vinegars. They have many amazing flavors to choose from, but a favorite of the writer is the butter-flavored extra virgin olive oil that makes fresh-popped popcorn taste divine. To make things especially easy and fun, Under the Olive Tree has gift assortments, or you can choose your favorite oils and vinegars in smaller sizes and gift them for the holidays!


The management at Under the Olive Tree also loves dogs, which is why they created Olives for Paws, a nutritional dietary supplement for canines that promotes a healthy coat by reducing the effects of dry, itchy skin. The idea for canine-formulated extra virgin olive oil came to the owners of Under the Olive Tree when their own dog was diagnosed with seborrhea, or chronic dryness of the coat. After previous treatments failed, a veterinarian recommended adding extra virgin olive oil to the dog’s diet, as well as applying it topically. The results were fantastic. Within three months, the dog’s coat was soft, thick, and shiny, and his skin was no longer dry or flaky. Olive oil contains oleic acid, linoleic acid, vitamins, and fatty acids such as Omega-3s and Omega-6s. The benefits for dogs and humans are similar. The high level of polyphenol antioxidants found in extra virgin olive oil helps the canine immune system to fight off disease and also contains anti-inflammatory properties. A portion of all of Under the Olive Tree’s sales are donated to animal rescue charities.

Rescue Chocolate

chocRescue Chocolate is a repeat on this list, and for good reason—it’s delicious! Rescue Chocolate was created in 2009 after founder Sarah Gross became inspired by a homeless pit bull named Mocha. Sarah adopted Mocha, and the two have been inseparable ever since. Rescue Chocolate is sure to please the taste buds of all the chocolate lovers on your gift list this holiday season. As the slogan on their website states, flavors like Forever Mocha, Peanut Butter Pit Bull, and Mission Feral Fig make Rescue Chocolate “the sweetest way to save a life.” All the chocolate bars sold by Rescue Chocolate are made with organic and fairly traded chocolate, and each bar is vegan and kosher. Handcrafted in Brooklyn, New York, Rescue Chocolate bars are wrapped in eco-friendly packaging highlighting issues affecting homeless animals everywhere. Prices range from $1.69 to $15, and 100% of the net profits of all chocolate bars purchased are donated to animal rescue organizations around the nation. Click here to purchase some delicious Rescue Chocolate now!

A Dog’s Life Wine


If you or someone on your holiday gift list is a wine enthusiast, then A Dog’s Life is the site for you. A Dog’s Life supports a range of charitable initiatives, with a particular emphasis on rescue groups and animal shelters/adoption programs. They specifically focus on organizations that demonstrate that a significant percentage of contributions go directly to helping animals. In 2008, A Dog’s Life launched its Rescue Dog Label Series to celebrate dogs that have been rescued or are waiting to be rescued. Each package of treats highlights the rescue dog’s story and has information about the organization that saved the dog. A Dog’s Life contributes 10% of proceeds from the Rescue Dog Series to rescue groups and shelters. Another great gift idea is to make your recipient’s dog famous! Click here and you can personalize your order from A Dog’s Life with a photo and caption of your favorite pet on the label. Give a loved one some delicious wine, and let their dog enjoy a yummy treat and 15 minutes of fame!


Rescued Wine Candles

Rescued Wine candles are another repeat item on this list since they are a perfect gift for the wine enthusiasts or candle lovers on your holiday list. The soy-based candles come in recycled wine bottles and have 100% cotton wicks, which makes them cleaner burning, longer lasting, and more environmentally friendly than wax candles. Discarded wine bottles are collected, cleaned, and cut by hand. The candles are then hand-poured at the company’s candle studio in the Sierra Nevada Mountains in the northern California town of Truckee. The candles have delicious wine-based scents like Merlot, Cabernet, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and Sauvignon Blanc. Rescued Wine candles are sold at retailers throughout the U.S. and online at the company’s website. The candles cost $28 and last for 80 hours. They make a unique gift, and their beautifully blended, warm aromas fill an entire room with a wonderful, rich fragrance. Rescued Wine is passionate about animals, which is why they donate 2% of total sales to animal rescue groups.


Petsapalooza Games for Kids

Petsapalooza is a game company committed to inspiring more people to rescue animals. Petsapalooza produces two games, a board game called Fur-Ever Home: The Animal Rescue Game, and a card game called Pet Frenzied. Fur-Ever Home is a fun, educational, family-friendly board game that gives players ages 8-15 the opportunity to run an animal rescue. Players get to experience the many rewards and challenges of managing a rescue, including taking in different types of animals off the streets, caring for the animals, and sending them to their “Fur-Ever Homes.” Players also learn about money and inventory management while having fun. Pet Frenzied takes card playing to a new level, as a hide-and-seek game for ages 3-10! Players race around, looking for hidden pet cards to match their selected house cards. Whoever finds the most matching pet cards is the most Pet Frenzied and the winner! These games not only bring humane animal care into the consciousness of the children and adults who play them, but Petsapalooza also gives back to local rescues and shelters. A percentage of total sales is donated to 12 rescue organizations throughout the U.S., and both games can be purchased on Amazon!


Kombuchadog (CA Residents Only)

Kombucha is a fermented tea beverage thought to have originated two thousand years ago. When properly brewed, kombucha is tasty, low in sugar, naturally carbonated, and contains a potent assortment of antioxidants and detoxifying acids, such as gluconic and acetic acids. A powerful probiotic, kombucha contributes not only to digestion, but also to general health and well being by helping to maintain internal balance in the body. Kombucha Dog is based in Los Angeles, and each batch of their kombucha is produced hands-on, from brewing to bottling. They only use raw organic ingredients to deliver what they believe is the best-tasting, most healthful kombucha available today. Traditional, full-strength kombucha has over 0.5% alcohol. Rather than dilute their kombucha or use any manner of processing, Kombucha Dog only sells its beverage to people over 21. That way, you’re getting the finest, best-tasting, most genuine kombucha they can possibly make.


And every Kombucha Dog label features a local dog in need of a home! Kombucha Dog believes strongly in no-kill fostering in order to humanely help innocent animals, so they work with local no-kill fostering programs to advertise animals in need of adoption. Each dog pictured on their labels is available for adoption and can be connected with potential adopters through Kombucha Dog’s website. During each brew, they update the labels to show different dogs in need of loving homes. Currently, Kombucha Dog is only sold to California residents online and in stores in California.

Whether you are shopping for a significant other, your kids, a friend, or someone who is hard to please, there is something for everyone on this list. So, please give one of these unique gifts to everyone on your holiday gift list, and help animals in need while spreading holiday cheer!

By Charlene Sloan

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