About Us

Bernadette Peters and Mary Tyler Moore Present

Broadway Barks

Produced by
Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS
Richard Hester, Patty Saccente, and Scott T. Stevens

Additional Sponsorship by
The New York Times

Press Representative
Katz PR
Judy Katz and Sean Katz


In 1998 Broadway Barks was co-founded by best friends Mary Tyler Moore and Bernadette Peters, as a result of their passion for animals. Originally conceived as a program to promote the adoption of shelter animals, Barks has evolved from an annual event to an organization that extends beyond the plight of homeless animals. It has fostered a spirit of community among many animal shelters and rescue groups, such as a partnering with Main Line Rescue, a shelter in Chester Springs, Pennsylvania, for a program, called Braille Tails. We now provide children’s books in Braille free of charge to children across the country who are visually impaired.

We are learning more and more everyday just how important pets are in our lives. Shelter dogs help children with communication problems. Children who read to the dogs have gained confidence and have overcome their insecurities.

We have recently discovered just how powerful a dog’s sense of smell is…Dogs can now sniff out cancer in the early stages (Stage 0), long before it can be detected medically.

You see dogs have a purpose too, just like people. Dogs are saving lives.

Broadway Barks has assisted in placing thousands of pets in loving homes with the help of volunteers and celebrities alike. As Broadway Barks looks to the future, it will continue the focus on shelter animals here and across the country while shining a broader light on responsible pet ownership, the importance of spay neutering, pet identification and the impact of pets in our lives.

Sadly some animals are still being euthanized and this is a cruel reality. Pets have a wonderful place in our lives and need our help.

And that’s why we need your support!

Broadway Barks, the event aims to aid hundreds of NYC shelter animals find permanent homes by informing New Yorkers about the thousands of pets in need in the metropolitan area.

Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS produces Broadway Barks each year, providing the talent and expertise that has helped make Broadway Barks successful and memorable year after year.


2 thoughts on “About Us”

  1. Is it open to the general public? Are tickets required?

  2. Lisa Rosenberg said:

    I want to share a Broadway Barks success story. In 1999, I produced a story on Broadway Barks for “Lifetime Live”. For that story, I went to the CACC in Brooklyn with Ms. Peters. I had no intention of adopting, but, at the end of the shoot, I was in the small dog room where I saw a little white dog who had been abandoned on a highway in Brooklyn. When they found him, he was terribly matted and and he was shaved and scratched. When he looked up at me his big brown eyes, I was a goner. Five days later, Harry, who they thought was about 4 1/2 years old, was living with me. He was an amazingly sweet little guy who loved to play with his toys and to cuddle. Everyone who met him fell in love and two people adopted dogs shortly after meeting him. He was a most effective ambassador for adoption. Harry was my wonderful companion for 14 years. He died last summer at more than 18 years old and I will always miss him. Two weeks ago, I adopted another dog. Her name is Fannie, they think she is about 2 and I am very lucky to have found her.

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