11260717_785256418239701_830881588385022815_nBroadway Barks and Main Line Animal Rescue have joined forces in Braille Tails, an exciting new project that provides print braille books about companion animals to schools and libraries throughout the US!

Braille Tails is a project aimed at providing free print braille books about companion animals to schools for the blind and libraries throughout the US. Selected children’s books are fitted with clear plastic braille panels that are applied over the book’s pages so the text and illustrations remain visible. This allows the book to be read and enjoyed by both sighted and visually impaired readers.

Our mission is to help reduce the braille illiteracy rate among blind and visually impaired children in the US by providing free print braille books to schools and libraries throughout the US and to promote the special relationships between children and companion animals.

Learn more at Braille Tails and Main Line Animal Rescue!

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