Foster Features

Fostering a “Duke”

Duke and Andrew

When Kyle Young, Director of Digital Marketing for the Disney Theatrical Group, decided to foster for NYC-based Eve’s Sanctuary he thought, “It was an easy way to support something that is so important. It’s a step beyond giving money.” Kyle and his partner, Andrew, took in “Duke,” a Dachshund whose foster family needed to travel out of the country for ten days.

The offer of a temporary home kept Duke out of the stressful shelter and gave him a safe, comfortable home and a playmate, Kyle and Andrew’s own Dachshund, Fig! As Kyle stated, “We already had a dog, so we made sure that we introduced our dog to the foster in a neutral environment. We were astonished at how easily he adapted to the situation. He settled in so easily, and he wanted to be close and near.” Kyle and Andrew not only saved Duke from a stay in a shelter, but they potentially saved another animal by keeping space clear at the shelter. Kyle says the fostering experience for his family was a great one and it changed their view about what fostering is. As Kyle said, “The biggest shift is the idea that fostering can come in many forms.” Broadway Barks asked Kyle what his message would be to other would-be fosters and he said, “You should foster because for so many dogs it means that they can live.”

Fig, Duke, and Andrew

A Home to Give Birth

Julie with one of her fosters, Brazil

Julie Kearns began fostering because her daughter needed to do community service hours for school. They fostered a dog with A Forever Home, and they were quickly hooked because it was so rewarding. Julie is what rescue groups call a “back-to-back” foster and has fostered more than 170 animals!

Julie fostered a pregnant dog named Ellie who was abused and so scared that she did not want to go inside the house. Ellie’s puppies were adopted, and Julie then took in a litter of puppies without a mother. Ellie helped raise the foster puppies, and she slowly began to come around and get more comfortable in the foster home. Julie took her to several adoption events, and Ellie was eventually adopted. Ellie almost became Julie’s first “foster fail.”

Ellie sunbathing at her foster home

Fostering can be challenging, but it also can be really fun and rewarding. As Julie says, “The biggest reward is updates on former fosters—when you see that the dog has become a special loved one in a family.”

3 thoughts on “Foster Features”

  1. I volunteer with – the group Julie fosters with. Julie is amazing – we can always count on her to step up and do whatever is needed to help more dogs.

  2. Charlene Sloan said:

    Good news! Brazil, the foster pictured above with Julie Kearns of A Forever Home, was just adopted. Now Julie has room available and will be taking in another foster that needs a home!

  3. A Forever Home is an amazing organization. I am a volunteer who does home visits prior to an adoption.
    Julie is a friend and a wonderful foster who is dedicated, hard-working and possesses an enormous heart. All of the people at AFH are devoted woman and men who volunteer time, resources, and love to rescue animals who deserve a chance to enjoy happy, healthy lives.

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